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  1. Hi, I just installed this version and it says that I have 54GB of 93GB remaining – I'm on the 100GB plan, so I dont think it's calculating correctly….

  2. Internode reports quota and usage in bytes. So assume your plan is reporting that you have 100,000,000,000 bytes. This equates to 93.13GB. I'll pose the question to Internode, and report back.

  3. Right, the word is that Internode uses denominators of 1000, rather than 1024 when reporting bandwidth (speed/quota/usage). I'll be updating UMet to reduce confusion.

  4. Hi there, my version looks like a bit of different, once i click on it, a new dialog shows up, and the words on the very top of this window couldn't be displayed completely which means i couldn't read "quota used" correctly…

  5. @anonymous, can you post a link to a screen shot? Do you have a super low resolution, that the whole window doesn't fit on the screen?

  6. Does this release work with the Naked account? I have a NakedExtreme account. When I put in my username and password, Service is listed as "Unknown".

  7. reports Trojan in Mcaffee when trying to install, and run… will try at home with different AV proggy

  8. Re Mcaffee, did it provide any sort of report that you can post here? Even the trojan type would be nice to know, so I can figure out what may be triggering it.

  9. Thanks for the details. It's a false positive. Reviewing the VBS/Psyme trojan indicates that it creates unwanted files on your computer. As the gadget doesn't copy/create any files once installed, it's a false report.

  10. just installed – on the settings page, enter title, username, password but no service available in drop down (spinner just keeps spinning) – Win 7 64-bit – thoughts?

  11. Hi Damian,

    This happens now and again. I have no idea what causes it. Just leave it for a day or two and try again. Once it's set though, you should never have to worry about it again. I've added it to the FAQ too.

  12. Tried out this useage meter, did install procedure (twice) and there is nothing installed. OS is Windows 7. Is there something additional to do?

  13. According to your site, to-day is Saturday, February 2, 2002! (Sunday, 2 Jan 2011) Cheers.

  14. Hello.

    OS: Windows 7

    Put in details to access and comes up in 'Service' : "Authorization Required"

    Every bit of info is correct…



  15. Great Little Tool,

    I just signed up with internode and have found this to work perfectly.


  16. A very nice tool thanks! it's easy to configure and much quicker than checking usage stats via a website.

  17. Hi Umet,

    Just thought I'd leave a message. Thanks very much for this gadget, it's fantastic buddy 🙂

  18. Hi Umet,
    I've downloaded and installed but all I have is a little grey box in the top right hand corner.
    I've entered my username and password but it doesn't seem to connect to Internode and doesn't supply me with any data.
    Any suggestions?

  19. Hi Umet,
    No all i have is "authoristaion required" in the service drop down.
    Thanks for getting onto this problem so quick! Most appreciated

  20. Umet,
    I have just seen the FAQ on this subject and will check it again tomorrow and see how I go.

  21. Hi Andrew,

    In that case it's not liking your username or password. If it's a brand new account/changed account, it may take several days before your info makes its way to Node's usage system.

    Try username@internode.on.net as well as just your username without the @internode.on.net bit.

  22. Umet,
    Still having no luck. Have tried the two variations on the username but still nothing 🙁
    I did change to a new internode plan on the 6th of this month. Should that make any difference?

  23. Hi Andrew,
    Check item 5 on the FAQ (just added). This happened to me when I changed accounts, so yes, this may well be the cause.

  24. Umet,
    This is what I got.

    Authorization Required
    This server could not verify that you are authorized to access the document requested. Either you supplied the wrong credentials (e.g., bad password), or your browser doesn't understand how to supply the credentials required.

  25. OK…Only a bit embarassing…I've been leaving a "j" off the end of my password…All working now.
    Thanks you for your help Umet and sorry for wasting your time.

  26. Dam.
    Since about the 16th of this month (my roll over) ut hasn;t been updating any details.
    I've re-added the gadget, signed in, but showing 0MB used with 24 days to go

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