UMet Overview

UMet is a Windows 7/Vista gadget for monitoring usage of your bandwidth allowance.
In its standard gadget mode, it’s a small, unobtrusive meter, while still offering a wealth of information including:

  1. your account name
  2. the percentage of quote used
  3. how far into your current billing cycle you are
  4. new version available for download (click to install)

When your usage exceeds the billing period, ie you’ve used 70% of your bandwidth quota in 50% of your billing period, the bar changes to orange.  When you’re over quota, the bar changes to red.


The optiosn window allows you to configure the meter.

  • Title: The text at the top of the meter,  In the above examples, it would be “My Work Plan”.
  • Username: Your username you use to connect to your internet service.
  • Password:  The password you use to connect to your internet service.
  • Service: Once the username and password are filled in, all services your account has access to will be listed in the drop down box.  Choose the required one.
  • ISP:  Only Internode is currently supported. 

 Once all options have been completed, click OK.

More Info

By clicking on the meter, you are presented with a flyout window, showing usage details, as well as charts detailing your usage over the past thirty days, and twelve months.  

  Clicking the “more..” link, will display additional details relating to your service.