Version 2.0 Released

UMet 2.0 has been released!
Download UMet 2.0 (It appears that some versions of Internet Explorer now download this as a zip file, rather than a gadget file. If so, save it, then rename the file from to NetUsage.gadget. Double click it and it should install.)
Changes are:

  • Support new account types
  • Uses Internode’s Webtools API 1.5
  • Cleaned up UI when loading usage graphs
  • Flyout has a more info link to get details about your account

The Main windows is as always. Your account description at the top, the stage of your billing period denoted by the black arrow, and your usage by the bar (green, orange when your usage percent is greater than the percent of billing period elapsed, and red when you’re over quote). The Orange download link on the top right, informing you when a new version is available.

The only change to the settings window is that when you’ve entered or updated your username or password, and tab over the service combobox, it will retrieve all services associated with your account. This change to the Internode API has enabled support for people with multiple services under the same account.

While a lot has changed in the background, the only noticeable changes are that the graphs now have a nice ajax style soft loading, and the additional “more…” link, which when clicked, shows more account detail.

Please leave a comment with your impressions and any suggestions.

15 thoughts on “Version 2.0 Released

  1. my plan switched over today to the easy broadband. So I required a new gadget as the last one (Nephew) doesn't support that plan.

    So I've just installed this one and I LOVE IT!

    Great work!


  2. Not working for me. When you go to configure it the 'Service' field just keeps spinning its wheels but never loads anything

    feel free to let me know if this ever gets fixed and I'll try a newer version

    Windows 7 64bit

    simon50508861 @ whirlpool forums

  3. For those with only a spinning wheel, can you please confirm…
    Was your account new? There is an issue with the Internode usage API, where although your service may be providing access, there is no record of your account yet in the usage system. If you give it a couple of days for your account info to propagate throughout the node system, it should resolve itself.

    The gadget is developed under Win7, 64bit, so that's not the issue.

  4. Sorry if this is a totally nubie question, but I'm not familiar with installing gadgets other than via the gadget gallery or the link there to getting gadgets online from the microsoft web site. When I click on the Download UMet 2.0 link at the top of this page, I save the file that comes up. Then what?

  5. Hi Justin,

    Once it's downloaded ( the file should be NetUsage.gadget, not, if Vista/7 hasn't prompted you to install it, try double clicking it. That should prompt you to install it. Once installed, it'll be in your gadget gallery.

  6. Hey, love the gadget. I think it would be cool if you could squeeze the Internode logo on there, would really make it look tops, but other than that the gadget is great and the extra info bit is awesome.

    Cheers mate.

  7. #Jack, thanks a lot for the feedback. The node logo is a great idea. Consider it included for the next update. I'm not an artsy person at all, so certainly appreciate any aesthetic suggestions.

  8. Hello, when I actually download this it does download as a 'zip' file, I had to rename the file extension to .gadget for it to install.
    This is a really usefull gadget and I thank you for making it 🙂

  9. Can I please have some help?? Downloads as .zip file and I extract it and end up with 27 files + 2 hidden ones. WTF do I do with them?? How do I change the file extension to .gadget?? I've got Win7 64 bit and a headache!!

  10. It appears that some versions of Internet Explorer now download this as a zip file, rather than a gadget file. If so, save it, then rename the file from to NetUsage.gadget. Double click it and it should install.

  11. Nice simple gadget… a few suggestions:

    1. have a second bar showing amount of billing cycle left. This makes it easy to see if download capacity is going to be reached before the end of the billing cycle.

    2. round numbers to 1 or 2 decimal places. Currently I have downloaded 3.5500000000000007Gb, which is I think is probably a few too many decimal places. 😉

    3. have second click on gadget face minimise the detailed status window rather than refresh the data.


  12. Thanks for the comments JPyke, note the following:
    1. There's a black triangle marker at the top of the bar. This indicates how far through your billing cycle you are. Does this satisfy, or were you thinking of something different?
    2. Fixed in new version.
    3. Change made in new version.

    Once you're confirmed item 1, I'll release the new version.

  13. Nice one. Now that I have noticed the black triangle, I think that is a nice way of showing the status of the billing cycle.

    Looking forward to the update.

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