UMet 2.3 released

Following a query from a UMet user, it has been confirmed that Internode calculates data volumes using a denominator of 1000 rather than 1024.  As such, I’ve updated the meter to reflect this view and reduce confusion.

Download using the link on the download page.

7 thoughts on “UMet 2.3 released

  1. Just want to say thanks for this clean and simple usage meter. The "Average remaining" field is particularly convenient.

  2. I switched plans and it wasn't showing the graphical usage in the sidebar but updated to this version and it's now working.

    Great gadget, thanks 🙂

  3. I think there's a bug with the colour of the bar.
    I am ahead of my quota and the bar is green then after a while it goes back to orange. This is after I go even further ahead of my quota.

  4. Hi I'm using the latest version of your metre but there's some problem. It says in my usage stats I have used 49849.8mb (Internode web page one). But the metre says 0.99gb of 50gb remaining which is a lot more than what I have left.

    The maintence schedule said they fixed the a problem with the metres usage (I presume the service your metre access) and it would be fixed on the 11th but I still have the metre showing more remainding than what I actually have. Any ideas?

  5. how do you link your account to be read by this usage meter it doesnt tell me nothing

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